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Viktor E. Lir
PhD in Economics,
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Oleksandr S. Bykonia
Organization Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
01011, Ukraine, 26, Panasa Myrnoho St.
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Economic potential of woodworking industry in the context of sustainable development of Ukraine
Section: Problems of industrial enterprises and production complexes economics

Ekon. promisl. 2017, 79(3): 18-38
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/econindustry2017.03.018
Language: Ukrainian

Institutional conditions of the national woodworking industrys innovative development in the context of Ukrainian sustainable development were defined in the paper. These allowed to show that the actual requirement of time is to accelerate radical changes in the domestic market in terms of import substitution, as well as in the exports commodity structure, which should be based on the production of innovative competitive products with high share of value added. Authors carried out the comparative analysis of technical and economic characteristics of traditional and new structural materials, that allowed to determine the most perspective types of products for the national woodworking industry.The estimation of an economic potential of the woodworking industry development on the basis of the implementation of new environmentally clean constructive materials from wood was carried out (in particular - the potential of energy saving in residential construction and modernization, as well as export potential of products with higher added value on the world markets. The conducted research shows high socio-economic and environmental effectiveness of projects for the organization of new constructive and thermal insulation materials from wood production.The analysis of institutional and financial mechanisms for the development of the market for new constructive materials from wood was carried out. It was proved that the widespread introduction of technologies for the production of new construction materials (wood chips) from wood is hampered by the imperfection of institutional conditions in the field of design and construction, as well as by the lack of financial mechanisms of public-private partnership in the process of improving advanced technologies in building. Authors offered measures to improve the institutional and financial provision of the new construction materials expansion on wood market.Taking into account considerable demand, national production development of new construction materials from wood is one of the perspective directions of growth of the domestic market and import substitution in the economy of Ukraine. Due to this it was suggested to include the woodworking industrys development in the priority directions of industrial development in the context of sustainable development of Ukraine.
Keywords: woodworking industry; innovation; export; energy saving; sustainable development; institutional provision; financial mechanisms

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